Leaving one explosive situation for another, you venture under Bill Tracy’s yellow, stacked TNT powder kegs obtained from the former Rockaway ride. DJ was working on getting the barrels rockin’ again toward the riders at the time of this writing.

That should be a heck of a distraction for the next stunt.

It’s a supernatural-sized black wolf feeding with his front paws on a table, feasting on the grisly remains of unfortunate human victim. This lone wolf has realistic head movements which pan left to right and his head raises and lowers as his jaws munch away. But he’s no lone wolf. Out of nowhere his dinner companion, who’s been hiding behind the table, leaps through the air and lands on top of the table, head thrashing and jaws snapping. The leaping wolf is attached to a dark piece metal harness that can only be seen with the house lights on. According the Scare Factory description, “The first wolf was merely a well executed distraction so that the incredibly fast second wolf could pounce violently.”  No kidding!
And for the good measure, the park has positioned a salvaged stunt on the adjoining table as the wolves’ next course.

It’s the very realistic “Tortured” by Distortions Unlimited of Greeley, Colorado in which a man, his face covered by a studded leather hood and his body shackled with metal chains to an electrically charged table, thrashes wildly to escape. Now that he knows he’s dog meat, he thrashes even harder to free himself.

The irony is that Tortured debuted in Spook in 2001 as a stand-alone in that very same corner.