Next up is another stunt that’s taken on a new role. It’s Halloween Productions’ Reaper that used to be the ride’s outside pitchman.

After more than a decade of violent thrashing while daring midway-goers to ride Spook-A-Rama, the Reaper has been given a more relaxing role with a few simple moves and a threatening chuckle for his only line.


And just when you when you thought you left the beasts at bay, there’s Scare Factory’s Drop Portrait Wolf.

Your car approaches an innocent portrait of a Victorian woman which suddenly drops as a ferocious wolf lunges at you through the opening.



And before you can catch your breath, a robed ghost comes lurching out of the shadows.  The ghost is animated by a hidden pole activated by an air cylinder.


Passing the ghost you suddenly you get the feeling somebody has his eye on you. And how right you are.

Out of the shutters pops the head of a grotesque Cyclops ghoul. His face is enough to make anyone shudder!


As soon as your cars ushers you past him, a green-headed ghoul pops out at you. When will it all end?
By now, you know that a boarded-up panel door means trouble. Yet, you’re still surprised when a panel drops allowing an opening for a ghoul hidden behind to come blasting through with his head thrashing side to side.