Make no bones about it, the next scene will grab your attention. A strobe light flashes as you pass a crypt of skeletons, some embedded into the wall and two trapped behind a closed gate.
Next up is one of Spook-A-Rama’s earliest stunts. We call it Alien/Frankenstein because it debuted as a giant Frankenstein’s monster, gripping jail cell bars and pulling itself towards riders. Somewhere along the way there was a face transplant and the creature ended up as a space alien. But the original Frankenstein face is still in storage.

The creature, which used to appear much earlier in the ride, is now situated near the halfway point in its own alcove, hence adding to the shock value when it emerges from the darkness. Kudos to the park staff for bringing this legend back to life!

When Spook-A-Rama debuted in 1955, drive-in movies were still the rage. So it’s apropos to show a movie of a woman going into a rage, right? Yes, this rare gag actually projects a movie on the wall. It’s a schoolmarm gone mad, her eyes bulging and fangs protruding.

To confuse riders all the more, DJ said he hopes to project the movie inside a portrait frame in the near future.