Your car ascends quickly toward an illustrated ghoul, then turns sharply to the right. Look closely and you’ll see that the hall has an art deco pattern. But don’t dwell on the color scheme because to your right a mummy lunges at you. He’s the keeper of the Witch’s torture room where two victims rot in cages while another is going to pieces on the wooden wheel. Through it all you hear the mummy laugh sadistically while an unseen woman victim screams in agony. This was a sound hit salvaged from the old Zombie Castle’s mad scientist laboratory.

And just as you’re about to escape these terrors, a sarcophagus opens. Is it another mummy? No, it’s a partially wrapped victim trying to escape. “Let me out! Let me out!” he screams. Should you stop to free him? Too late. Your car whisks you into the darkness.

Now you’re heading down a long corridor decorated by blacklit illustrations painted by The Wizard. But who’s that at the end of the corridor? Is it The Wizard himself?

No, it’s Hellraiser’s Pinhead, rising from his throne, speaking in tongues as he extends his arms to grab you. Whew, a narrow escape!
Now you’re on pins and needles.
But what’s this? You’re in a graveyard full of rising corpses. You can’t keep a good stunt down. And another is straight ahead: A rotten old man. He may look harmless, but he too, is about to stand up and take notice as you plunge down a hill to the second floor. “Bye, bye” he says. Well, at least he’s polite.