Straight ahead is the queen of mean herself: The Flying Witch. She’s threatening you with her skull-capped walking stick as you pass. Listen carefully and you’ll hear not only her transistorized screech, but also the wailing of the piano-playing zombie formerly in the Castle across the midway

Time for some quick thinking, but better hurry. There’s another old dude from the graveyard who says he needs your brains. Okay, don’t lose your head. But some other poor soul is about to lose his by this skeleton executioner.

Funny how “The Suits” are always hanging around while the rest of us work. But this gent shouldn’t have used the "Brigande" to get to the top. Nice threads, Mr. Executive. But I think you’ll need some tailoring around your neckline now.

Watch out for that bat overhead.
Bet you never guessed that his squeaks are actually the speeded up sounds of the old Zombie Castle's choking
hanging man.

Hey, that skeleton is really reaching into the bottom of the barrel to get a date.



Then there’s Miss Sexi Death, who, after 32 years,  still isn’t afraid to flaunt it.


Hey,  how’d that gorilla get in here and where did he get that derby hat? Better not ask too many questions as he looks awfully mad. And is it just me or does he sound like the tree monster in the old Zombie Castle ride?

Finally, some entertainment - a magician.

And for his next act, he’s making his head disappear.



And this fashioned-minded ghoul is a real siren. Really, her transistorized alarm is as loud as that outfit she’s wearing


And before we leave, let’s pay homage to the Count. He’s a little hoarse after all these years, so Nick brought over the old Zombie Castle devil’s laugh to lift his spirits