See how well you keep your balance in this rare slanty room. Tracy illustrated the walls of this one to look like a ship’s galley.
Oops! Looks like this shipmate had too many bottles of rum. And in his condition, the room seems perfectly flat, so he’s totally confused why you’re stumbling around.

Are you any match for this bridge-through-the-barrel gag? Best way I know not to get disoriented is to close your eyes and slide your hands over the rails for guidance. But that wouldn't be much fun, would it? The lining of this barrel is the only modification the park staff made to Tracy’s work. The staff lined it with stars

Off the starboard side is a pirate skeleton holding a bottle
of booze. That hard stuff is bad to the bone!

Next is another one of Tracy’s icons: the Giant Skull. This one is set in a swamp, complete with waterfall and burning torches.