First is a walk over the drawbridge that expands with your weight. The more pizza and fries youíve had beforehand, the more difficult it is to get across!  

Now youíre aboard a pirate ship on the high seas. Hold on as the ship shifts, lest you get thrown overboard.

Hereís something you donít see much of these days - shuffleboards.
Try your skill at navigating them, or take the chicken walk to your far right.
  Hereís yet another Tracy forced- perspective hall. This one is even more effective in a walk-though form.

The pirates got more than they bargained for when they netted this man-eating shark. Looks like they abandoned ship.

Rough seas ahead. Itís Tracyís Tornado Room, containing a circular queue, industrial strength fan, and an overhead glitter ball that casts the illusion of a funnel cloud on the walls.