Leaving the femme fatale, you approach another one of Tracy’s greatest hits, Knit Wit. A harmless old lady in a rocking chair, spins around, revealing a corpse knitting a spider web.

As you bear to the right, you meet two more oldsters: An elderly vampire and a witch that lunges forward. While neither was designed by Tracy, they’re clever stunts none the less. stunt).


Next up, literally, is Tracy’s famous Swamp Ghost, which floats overhead. Below are plywood cutout gravestones on hinges, strategically placed in the path of your car so you knock them to the side. This trick also was used by Tracy in his Kooky Kastle dark ride in the Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts’ now-defunct Paragon Park.

The Haunted House graveyard also contains some stationary graves; one citing that the deceased was “Accursed and staked” and another, with a skull resting at the bottom, depicting a birth date of 1811.

Following the Swamp Ghost’s lead, the Giant Bat, a staple in all Tracy’s dark rides, threatens you from above. This stunt is mounted on a garage door opener, animated by an air compressor.

After paying respects to a corpse in a coffin, you’re headed up another crooked chamber; this one ending with a beam that cracks overhead.

A plunge through double doors brings you into a room of neatly stacked barrels. Or are they? Just before you exit the room, a stack collapses, barely missing you as you escape into Tracy’s Wave Room: A ride over extended bump ramps with day-glo painted “waves” on either side. Those afflicted by seasickness best close their eyes here.

Leaving the high seas, you’re confronted by a vampire woman as well as the apparent owner of the house, Frankenstein’s Monster. He rises from his chair, warning you to “Get out of my house!” Neither are Tracy stunts but both provide an excellent transition. You take the monster’s advice as your car exits to the daylight of the second-story balcony.