Upon exiting, you realize just how slow your car travels. The turtle-pace trek across the balcony provides the opportunity to study Tracy’s work in detail, including his famed giant façade bat; the likes of which graced many dark rides facades including the Swamp at New Hampshire’s Canobie Lake Park. You also can examine Tracy’s multi-color clapboard of uneven lengths, and there’s even a store-bought plastic owl planted by park staff to scare off gulls and pigeons.

Back to reality, or unreality as it were. Your re-entry takes you into the remnants of Tracy’s former Ghost Ship dark ride. The wall paneling resembles the deck of a haunted ship, and there are several Tracy illustrations including that of a blood-thirsty shark. A giant crab, a former resident of the Ghost Ship, soon greets you, followed by a seasick pirate who vomits off the ship deck. To his left is a pirate bartender who apparently served him one drink too many. (The bartender bears a striking resemblance to Tracy’s Mad Scientist stunt).