Witch Castle, Kooky Kastle, Pirate's Den, Monster Ride, Treasure Island, Dinosaur Den, Laff in the Dark.

What do all these names have in common?
They were all dark rides in Massachusetts.
Today, they're all gone.

That leaves Pirate's Fun Park owner Brian Mulcahy as the keeper of the dark ride flame
in the Bay State. His Kastle Frankenstein
is the last remaining dark ride in the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Pirate's Den reopened as Kastle Frankenstein in 1999. The building is actually two structures that were joined together. Some of the ride runs on sections of flooring from an old Dodgem ride.


These interior photos show the track running through many corridors which are decorated in a stone wall texture. The wall surface is foam board which was carved with a heat knife. It was then coated with pigmented drywall compound.




View looking out from behind hanging torture victim stunt.
Motorized mechanism which causes the skeleton to swing.

Below left: Reclining corpse waits to spring into action.
Below right: Pneumatic cylinder and air feed to thrust figure forward.


Above left and center: stunt switches triggered by car passing. Right: Door switch.

Above: Original Giant and Dwarf stunt. Promtional photo from Philadelphia Toboggan Co.

Below left: The giant in Pirate's Den during the 1990's. Below right: today, as Frank.

At right: View of motor and internal mechanism of giant stunt.
Thanks to Brian and Tim Mulcahy of Pirate's Fun Park for their kind cooperation in the production of this article, and for keeping the last dark ride running in Massachusetts.
Thanks also to George LaCross and Bret Malone for additional info and photos.

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