It's 1998, and Pirate's Fun Park owner Brian Mulcahy decided to say goodbye to the last Pirate ride in New England; to the Pirate theme, that is. It was time for a makeover, and what a facelift it was. The consulting service of John Denley's Boneyard Productions was engaged to design the gothic castle façade and the interior decor, as well as some stunt and sound devices. With the master plan finalized, most of the work was done in-house.

The original cars and track from the Pirate days are still being operated.

These cars are the last model put into production by Pretzel, with a design which utilizes the rounded tub-like shape of the fifties rotating Pretzel car.

One of the cars has urethane tires covering the rear wheels.The tires were probably employed for use on the concrete floor of the Mountain Park installation, which was later planked with wood.

Above: Tim Mulcahy stands by the boarding area. Right inset: main control panel.


           And away we go....


A mummy reposes in a hole in the wall as we pass through the entrance doors.

Gargoyles look down from the rafters.
A pirate from the Pirate's Den still hanging around?
Or a leftover from the disco era?
A hapless villager finds himself imprisoned within the stocks.
Finally we reach Frankenstein's lab...careful, don't wake him. Oops, too late!

A very discontented corpse rises rapidly to meet us as our car approaches.


A disembodied head springs from an
old bucket.

A ghostly hand prepares to
reach out and scare someone.


Following our twisted path along the corridors, we pass the remains of this tortured soul....

...still gyrating in agony.





After shaking and rattling in his lab just a few seconds ago, Frank manages to catch up and growl at us again in this medieval archway.

Vampire Lady asks:
"Got Blood?"

A burned-out body cools off in a corner.
An old standby, the PTC Falling Barrel stunt still startles us.

We approach the exit doors...



...the Green Guy takes his last shot!