The Traver-built Laff In The Dark was replaced after the 1966 season by the Turnpike car ride, having been torn down to make way for the course. The Turnpike is still there but now uses track-guided cars rather than the original Arrow gas-powered cars. The Laff In The Dark ride managed to retain a limited continued existence at the park by having its rolling stock adapted and redeployed for use within the newly-built Ghost Ship.

Traver Engineering Co. used its highly popular Kennywood Laff In The Dark installation to promote the company's line of amusements.
Traver successor R. E. Chambers brought the ride's facade
and cars into the sleek Art Deco era.
Below: Traver blueprint of Kennywood's Laff In The Dark
layout indicating track modifications.
Simpler times in the early 1930s, as park patrons run the route in Kennywood's Laff In The Dark, reacting to the surprises abounding at every turn while, of course,
"laughing - in the dark".