• The Viking brand sound repeaters for the ride were located after the second set of double doors, to the rider’s right.

• In addition to the piano player and skeleton mariner on the façade, there was a platform-mounted tombstone that read “Here lies Baron Von Red.” A stunt would pop up from behind it every minute or so.

• David Procupp said the ride lasted one minute and 53-seconds. He said the pace of the cars “was like a brisk walk.”

• The waterfall finale was a device Tracy used in several of his rides. It is unknown however, if Tracy designed this particular one for Ghost Ship. Fred Weber said it was made locally by a steel fabricating shop. It was constructed from a 55 gallon drum cut in half and welded together. During approach the half barrel would be tilted, thus allowing the water to pour out of it in a sheet that would be as wide as the track. Under the track in this area, was a steel grate that the water flowed in to and was continually recycled back up to the barrel. When the car tripped a relay upon coming closer, the drum would tip back and momentarily stop the flow of water as you passed under and crashed through the last set of doors.

• According to Procupp, the angry ship’s captain reached for a mug or plate mounted on roller skate wheels and rolled back and forth in a wooden track carved into the table. If you look carefully at the photo of a ride car being customized at Tracy’s shop, you’ll see this captain stunt being assembled in the background!

• David Procupp said that some cow stunts leftover from the Tornado ride were stored inside the Ghost Ship building, out of riders’ sightlines. Also, on an interior wall, scrawled in pencil, were the names of celebrities such as Cab Calloway, who performed there in its ballroom days.


The authors would like to thank:

Mary Lou Rosemeyer

David Procupp
Fred Weber
Andy Vettel Jr.

Jason Belavic