The funhouse was closed to all in 1999 or 2000. The park didn't open in 2001. In early 2005, the building remains intact. It has a rare operating Barrel of Fun, plenty of black and fluorescent lighting and more than enough stunts. All it would need is a little reconfiguring, a little respect from the people who walk through it - and an open park to call home.
The author would like to thank John Bowen for granting us access to the Whalom Park Funhouse and the Whalom Park Museum in February 2001.
Sadly, as we have done in so many of our articles, we must alert readers that although the remnants of the funhouse and park were standing at the time this article was published, only a condo development now remains.

Photos by Bill Luca, George LaCross, Bob Cornellier
Vintage Whalom Park funhouse interior photos courtesty of Whalom Park Museum
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