Mr. Bowen explains that Monster Motel was never intended to be scary. It was for the young and the young-at-heart. But some rowdy patrons changed all that. The following year, the ride was open only in October as part of the park's annual Halloween celebration.
Above: Closer view of Turkey Trot. For the Halloween walkthrough, its pitching floor no longer in motion, rubber "snakes" were attached to the sides.

Right: Contemporary retheming was given to the traditional halls of mirth.

Top: An outer-space motif.

Middle: A bedroom fit for an exorcism.

Bottom: Some of the various fenced-in scenes, including a refrigerator stocked with body parts. A traditional distorted mirror still stands to the right, a reminder of earlier times.

Left: The edge of the old spinning disk, with the outer skirt sloping downward toward the padded walls.
Right: A skeleton figure stands atop the wheel, perhaps surveying the spirits of patrons from decades past. Strewn with cob-webs for the halloween event, the disk long ago ceased to rotate.
Left: Vampire's coffin scene, protected by exterior chain link fence.

Above: An earlier skeleton figure 'born again' as a Witch Doctor.

Left: Decaying bride - one of the many scenes constructed for the later Halloween-themed attraction. The interior of the funhouse, which had originally been colorfully decorated, was painted black.