Below: Manager Scott Hudson oversees all aspects of the Haunted House operation, including maintenance, repairs and parts inventory. Shown below are the main repair shop, central air compressor and digital sound system which sends music and effects to all areas of the ride.

Above: These are the original Hush-Puppy cars from the old Ghost Ship ride. Some of the chassis were removed and rebuilt into the coffin cars at Haunted House. The remaining car bodies are kept at a storage area outside Trimper warehouses.

Below: The classic Tracy "Headslinger" stunt, which was recently de-commissioned from its corner in Haunted House. It currently resides behind one of the Trimper storage facilities.
Below right is the Tracy catalog photo of the stunt.

Above: More views of the figure. The damage to the head indicates it was probably slung a few thousand times too many. Closer view of the leg reveals Tracy's standard method of figural construction was a wooden stick frame held together with twisted metal strips and rounded out with chicken wire, with the clothing fashioned out of Celastic. Sculpted objects such as heads and hands were cast in fibreglass. Lower right photo shows the rear mechanism: a double-acting pneumatic cylinder raises an arm tethered to a cable which allows the head to fly out and downward. After activation, the arm is retracted, reeling in the head. (And no, this isn't the missing item we're quizzing you on.)

Also in storage is this original sound cartridge repeater. This unit accepted five continuous-loop cartridges of sounds furnished by Tracy. Even before this, individual players were located at the sites of their respective stunts. The heavily-used tapes would break and wear out; eventually they were kept as masters and transferred to the current digital chip player.