Passing the torture room, you get a glimpse of another stunt salvaged from Tracy’s Ghost Ship, a mermaid. Behind her is more Ghost Ship painted scenery. To the left is the former site of Tracy’s Head Slinger stunt, recently removed and put in storage.

Next up on the ride is a more contemporary stunt, a Distortions Unlimited electric chair, in which the condemned man thrashes and screams in pain.

Leaving death row, you find yourself inside a narrow train tunnel about to collide with the blinding spotlight of a howling freight train. How a train got inside a haunted house makes no sense. But it reinforces Tracy’s renowned use of illogical sequencing to keep his riders on edge.

Tracy’s next stunt is definitely one worth studying. It’s a victim being flushed down the toilet, his hands reaching in desperation for the toilet bowl seat. Upon closer inspection of the bathroom, it appears the man was trapped there for quite some time, judging by scribbling and tic-tac-toe game on the wall.

In a rapid descent, you pass another series of Tracy bannisters...
...giving the illusion of falling down a staircase...
...which brings you to the next of a seemingly endless number of tunnels and under another Distortions stunt, the Hanging Man.

Yet another Tracy Giant Rat lunges at you before you hit the bottom of the stairs where a variation of the well-known serpent-in-the-clock is about to strike 12. This time it’s a mad bird that breaks the face of the grandfather clock.


An encounter with a alien, then a Tracy spider web, sets you up for the dramatic finish: A waterfall that goes dry just as you’re about to get soaked.  
Okay, now you’re in the unloading area, listening to the funeral music. You’ve realized that you’ve taken a virtual trip through Tracy’s Amusement Display catalog. Next you want to analyze what you saw, to really get inside Tracy’s head. On second thought, don’t go there. Better quit while you’re ahead . . . or you’ve still got a head!

Time for a quick quiz! Now that you've seen all the stunts in Trimper's Haunted House...what HAVEN'T you seen? It's something that you find in just about all traditional dark rides, but is missing in this one. Look through the ride and see if you can determine what's NOT there...You'll find the answer in the next section when we go. . . . Behind The Scenes!