The Tracy - Hunt Era
Being located in Cape May, Tracy was naturally involved with the Wildwood boardwalk amusement area. His affiliation with the Hunt family's enterprises is perhaps the most legendary of all Tracy's business relationships. During one glorious period beginning in the 1960s, Hunt's Pier was host to what might be termed "Tracy's Big 4": the aforementioned Whacky Shack, JungleLand, the Pirate Ship and the Golden Nugget. This group was quite possibly the high point of Tracy's professional achievement.
Hunt's Pier with all four Tracy attractions (Whacky Shack in its original location is hidden behind Golden Nugget)
JungleLand appeared in 1959, jointly created by Jamie Sanford, Alan Hawes and Bill Tracy. Passengers rode in one of four boats - The African Queen, Jungle Belle, Swamp Lily and Congo Kitty - cruising a perilous tropical river to encounter a variety of animated creatures before entering an interior section inhabited by cannibals, more animals and scenic effects. The ride lasted on the pier for an amazing 30 years and Tracy would find a successful market for similar installations in several other parks including Hershey Park, PA, Palisades Park, NJ, and Riverside Park, Agawam, MA.
1960 saw another ambitious project rise on the pier, The Golden Nugget, one of the earliest incarnations of the so-called "runaway mine train" rides. This legendary attraction was constructed within an artificial mountain and was the result of a collaboration between Tracy and Philadelphia Toboggan coaster designer John Allen. Tracy filled this thrilling mine ride with cowboys and indians, gold miners, skeletons and monstrous creatures plus scenic effects such as collapsing mine supports and a rotating barrel to enhance and supplement the cars' motion along the track. The ride operated through 1998 and was removed in 2009 - the final testament to the great Tracy-Hunt era in Wildwood.
As if these three spectacular attractions were not enough, Hunt's engaged Tracy for another one-of-a-kind themed attraction in 1962 - the Pirate Ship named Skua, which necessitated the enlargement of the pier to accomodate a nearly full-sized three-masted sailing ship. This would be a classic walk-through funhouse with a Noah's Ark-styled rocking motion engineered by John Allen, one of the rare times a Philadelphia Toboggan associate would be involved in designing such an attraction after that company withdrew from the funhouse business at the end of World War 2. Tracy menaced patrons with a host of sinister and comical pirates, entertaining visitors through 1989.
Above: Inspection of the maiden voyage of the Skua: Al Evans, Bud Hunt, Joseph Renaldi, Guy Hunt, Jack Ray and Bill Tracy.

Left: The group takes a cruise through JungleLand. That's Tracy leaning
forward on the left side.