Bill Tracy's gone and so is a lot of what he did, but there's still quite a bit of the Tracy legacy out there.

Trimper's Haunted House and Pirates Cove in Ocean City, MD are living shrines of Tracy art. We couldn't begin to show everything in this space, so go here for an in-depth look.
Kennywood's Le Cachot lives on, if scattered out of the public eye. The stunts were an eclectic mix of the medieval, the peace-love era and Roman bacchanalia - a combination only Tracy could cook up.
Above, Brian Gallo pays a visit to the Vamp at Kennywood's workshop, and the skeleton bikers from the facade now live in the 'burbs - they only hit the road on weekends. Get to know Le Cachot here.

No, it's not the Kiss reunion tour. Where do you encounter this sinister crew? Where else?
The great Spook-A-Rama at Deno's Wonder Wheel Park in Coney Island, New York.
Originally from Tracy's Hell 'N' Back ride in Rockaway's Playland,
they were rescued when that park closed and are now on active duty in Coney.
What are you waiting for? Pay them a visit - and discover Spook-A-Rama

In the end I came to find (in true Tracy fashion) that his funeral was private.
To further elude us, his remains were cremated and scattered into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving no headstone or burial plot as evidence of his existence. Shortly after Tracy’s death, his widow Irene left Cape May to reside with their daughter Willow, who at the time, was living out west. Now, they too, seemed to have vanished.

Bill always referred to himself as simply an illustrator though he was so
much more than that - a master at his trade - a truly gifted artist with a wild imagination and unbridled creativity. Though he has been gone close to 35 years, his legacy continues... as will my research on the man who truly has left us...
                                                               "in the dark".

The author would like to thank brothers Jack and Wayne Seddon,
Ronnie Trout, Eli Lashley, Tom Thaler and Jim Melonic
for sharing memories of their days with ADA,
and also Brian McKendry.

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