When Tracy first came to South Jersey he worked out of the Cape May County Airport with Jamie Sanford of Amusement Devices and ride designer Allen Hawes. At the time Jamie and Allen were working on a new project for William C. Hunt. The project was "JungleLand," a new attraction featuring a boat cruise through a fabricated jungle, for Wildwood’s Hunt's Pier. Tracy was brought in on the project; the first of several he would help create for the Hunt organization.

     The connections between Tracy, Jamie Sanford (Amusement Enterprises Inc.) and Universal Design Limited are very intriguing. It appears to begin in 1961 with Sanford Engineering Company located at 207 W. Davis Avenue in Wildwood. In 1962 Sanford Engineering becomes Amusement Enterprises, located at 704 W. Montgomery Avenue in Wildwood. Interestingly, Sanford shared this address with Universal Design Limited. Some of their projects included Jungleland on Hunt's Pier and Mau Mau Mystery Ride - possibly Coney Island around 1962. They did several such jungle rides including one in Asbury Park.
Sanford and Universal also did the Mississippi Riverboat at Dutch Wonderland and probably other parks as well. Universal Design was famous for their monorail rides and observation towers.
In 1963 Universal Design occupies the 704 address solely - Amusement Enterprises relocated to 4400 Arctic Ave. in Wildwood.

By 1964 Universal Design relocates to the Cape May County Airport while Sanford continues to occupy the 4400 address through 1964 and 1965. By 1966 Amusement Enterprises seems to vanish from any listings.
Top: Cape May County Airport facility during construction of JungleLand and the monorail system for Fun Pier.
Above Left: Tracy's Maryland Avenue residence, his earliest known Cape May address.
Above right: 704 W. Montgomery Ave., the first location of Amusement Display Associates.
Below: Tracy's main ADA production building at Goshen - Swainton Road, Cape May Court House.
Enter Tracy and Amusement Display Associates. In 1966 Tracy makes his first appearance at ... 704 W. Montgomery Avenue in Wildwood!
This is the same address that Sanford and Universal shared in 1962, and occupied by Universal alone in 1963. Although it was suspected that Tracy had close working relationships with both Sanford and Universal, the address hopping really confirms it. It should be noted that all of the Wildwood addresses are within blocks of one another.
In 1967, Tracy was in need of a new property to base his operation and he found one located on Goshen - Swainton Road in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, very close to the area where Tracy made his home from 1966 to 1971. This building would be the location for all of Tracy's work. The first floor held the workshops, with Bill's office being on the second level. All of the carving and fiberglassing of the figures was handled in the front workshops. Most of the scenery was constructed and painted in workshops in the back of the building.