Most curious is a series of passageways and a high catwalk that provide quick-access to all ride areas and give a premium viewpoint of the entire floor plan. Also located near the catwalk is a mammoth fog generator and system of large, flexible black hoses that distribute a fine, misty haze in different spots throughout the house.
Photos by Gary Heller

Most stunts are triggered by breaking an optical sensor beam with the only exception being the curtain gag, which is activated when the cars' wheel hits a floor switch. Optical reflectors mounted on the floor trigger transmitters in the ceiling to help the ride control system keep track of which of the seven major ride zones the car has entered.
The loading area is comprised of a similar optical detection system to keep the cars spaced and to slowly, but automatically, advance each car into the next holding area until it is finally in front of the pack and ready to be dispatched into the dark world within. Capacity is rated at 600-800 riders per hour.

To give the building a fresh face, it was decided to do away with the kitsch of a broken-down hotel exterior and create a more uniform facade with a tall center point. Jack Rouse Associates did a tremendous job achieving this with the added touch of a large, unmistakable title sign adorning the slanted front roof.