With Jenkinson's Boardwalk's acquisition of Casino Pier in 2002 came the realization that Nightmare Manor was in need of major retooling. After 40 years of service, the ride cars were beyond repair. With plans to better utilize the end of the pier and to install another attraction aside the soon-to-be renovated Manor, engineers were called in to square off the end of the pier surface and move the entire structure several yards back and closer to the log flume ride. With this done, work began on creating a new look for the dark ride and installing some new gags.
To give the building a fresh face, it was decided to do away with the kitsch of a broken-down hotel exterior and create a more uniform facade with a tall center point. Jack Rouse Associates did a tremendous job achieving this with the added touch of a large, unmistakable title sign adorning the slanted front roof.