Commentary and photos by Gary Heller

The ride begins by entrance into a vine-infested greenhouse, setting the mood for a chaotic journey through a derelict building inhabited by angry spirits.
Coming up we see a wizard and find ourselves a little confused. But that's only fitting --- we're in for one strange ride.
As we round our first corner and enter the dark, we've entered the parlor. Here we see assorted vintage furniture, an old organ and some human skeletal remains.
The wizard actually comes from Wizard's Cavern, a covered compact steel coaster that was deemed beyond repair and recently scrapped.
Before long, we're distracted by a zombie and then a spook pops up from behind a couch and we have our first jolt. Now the first onslaught begins!
There's no time to catch a breath because right around the corner lies an open casket facing the car and the dearly departed flies out, uncomfortably close and without warning. What's left of a wheelchair-bound resident sits idly by and from nowhere another ghoul arises from a crouched position faster than a snapping alligator; all devious creations of Halloween Productions.
We enter darkness again and just as things calm down, we discover a condemned man being electrocuted, his body flailing from the high current. Strobes abound and sizzling sound effects complete this stunt from Distortions Unlimited of Greeley, Colorado.