We begin our ascent of the decaying stairwell, boarded by odd windows and framework walls. A flickering chandelier hangs from a broken beam and sways to and fro with a bone-chilling creak. As we pass a curtained window, a blast of air forces the fabric aside to reveal a lighted freak behind the glass. As the floor levels out to the second story, we come across a dinner table of a starving family. Little do we expect the tabletop to fly up and that we'll be tricked by a jumping pile of bones.
The next room is full of spiders and home to a gigantic "mother" spider, an astonishing, seven-plus feet in length, crawling the bedroom wall. A light comes on, and much to our disgust, some sad fellow bent over a barrel hurls up a few pints of bile.
A set of doors bursts open and we're outside for a moment, taken in by a lovely view of both the pier and the manor's study, complete with a hung corpse by the fireplace.
We slam through another set of curved doors and are once again consumed by darkness...
Coming right at you is our bedridden friend, flying through the air like a catapult. Excellent ambient sounds and action effects make the scene come alive, aurally. Behind a wall, we can spot a tortured soul, forever trapped in this hell.
Quickly adjusting our eyes to see a sinister Frankenstein-like figure, and to the other side, abed with its occupant still asleep. But in Stillwalk, nobody stays put for long.

And now we begin our descent past horrific paintings. If we pay attention, a mirror quickly illuminated from behind displays a distorted creature's face looking right back at us. One of the "paintings" on the wall can be opened from behind to allow for a live actor to pop out and scare riders.

At the foot of the stairs is a tall goblin shackled to the wall. As we approach, we can see and hear him suddenly do everything he can to escape his restraints to no avail. Around the corner, up a small flight of stairs is an elderly figure in a wheelchair... but not for long! This small, meek grandmother-figure flies right down the stairs in an attempt to steal a final kiss from your cheek.
The room is adorned with furniture and remnants of a former lifestyle, left to rot. As our voyage slowly crawls to an end, we're in for a final taunt from the one of the few survivors of Nightmare Manor, the devil's head. For old time's sake, he growls and
blasts compressed air at us, tempting us to return to the Manor for one more visit.