Too late to turn back now as you head into the newly annexed section of the ride that was once part of the storage room. There you’ll find an assortment of horrific creatures starting with a ghoul who blasts you in the face with compressed air. You’ll clear your eyes in time to see the goblin-like Body Snatcher, who appears to have just slid down a rope to the grab a rider by the foot. The poor patron struggles to free himself but his fate is not nearly as gruesome as another patron who being drained of her blood through her neck by a pair of vampire bats, one of smacking his lips as drools over her.

Scare Factory made a life cast of female victim for ultra realism with a ghastly gnawed-on wound at the neck. Internal steel linkage allows pneumatic cylinder to spasmodically undulate the victim’s upper torso to have her flail about as her last few drops are consumed.

The vampire bat features head up/down and panning movements that allow it to bend down and feed at the neck. And independent jaw function and a synchronously triggered re-circulating blood pump allow him to look up from his victim and turn his head towards riders, smacking his lips as drool gushes.

If that makes you feel faint, don’t worry. You’ll soon get shot with another blast of compressed air as Coffin SkeleBlaster fires up in a split second from a cavity hidden below.