Above: Scare Factory floor plan pinpointing the locations for the installation of a full array of new animatronic figures and displays.


Your next encounter is Scare Factory’s Peek-A-Boo Curtain where a skeletal character hidden behind the curtains quickly throws them open to lunge at your face. For a split second, you think it’s curtains for you, but fortunately your trusty old Pretzel car pulls you to safety. Or so you think.

A set of French doors open and out leaps a character looking very much like the possessed Linda Blair in the 1973 movie “The Exorcist.” Named “French Door Flyer” by Scare Factory, this demonic young lady screams as she flies over your head.

Where’s Max van Sydow and Jason Miller when you need them?
Look closely around the next bend and you’ll see Bill Tracy’s bizarre “Stick-Up” stunt which the park had kept in storage since obtaining it from Rockaway decades ago. This ghastly gun moll has lost both her pistols and her prisoner over the years. Still, it’s a real treat to see this rare stunt.
But don’t get caught up in the nostalgia for too long because you need to brace yourself for the towering Tormentor who glares at you with icy eyes and lashes out with large, boney hands.

You hear your Pretzel car motor roar as it leads to the BeScare Crow, the remains of a victim that has been tied to a post & left to rot, warning all not to enter as tries in vain to free himself from his bonds.