"Spook-A-Rama - A Work In Progress" by Bill Luca
Early photos show Spook-A-Rama in all its over-the-top splendor and not one but two giant Cyclops overlooking both the Bowery and Wonder Wheel sections of the ride. Embracing the full spirit of Coney Island ballyhoo, Fred Garms pulled out all the stops to promote his ride. Photos taken in August of 1969 by Joseph R. Ladore and furnished by his son, James F. Ladore.
Stunts have gone through periodic rotations over the years and three Bill Tracy figures originally from the Hell 'N Back ride at Rockaway's Playland are sitting it out in the storage area after a bout with the hurricane waters.

Above right: Steve Vourderis points to the storage area's high water mark.
Spook-A-Rama's spook inventory also includes the work of Animated Display Creators, Halloween Productions, Distortions Unlimited and Screamers. Several pieces have been sidelined because of storm damage or to make way for new displays.

Above, the barrel boy (probably Italian-made), is also on the injured list and needs some pneumatic and mechanical work.