Everyone has skeletons in their closet, and park owner Dennis isn't shy about introducing you to his.

You'll definitely notice how "jumpy" they are as your car passes by.
Someone lurking outside your window can be your worst nightmare. Well, that certain “someone” survived the flood and is back doing what he’s done best since 2001. It’s Distortions’ Intruder stunt in which a startling blast of air blows the curtains open.
At this point you’re hoping that your guardian angel is watching over you, but instead you get Scare Factory’s towering Angel of Death. His head height is nine-feet from base, and his movements include
head pan/tilt, jaw and six isolated arm movements. And to make matters worse, he’s armed with a threatening scythe, made of aluminum, thank goodness!
Since 2001, the bald convict sitting in Distortions’ Electric Chair has endured countless executions inside Spook-A-Rama. Yet he’s lived through them all, including the pounding punishment of Superstorm Sandy. Showing his battle wounds as badges of courage, he continues to take his jolts like a man!
Originally designed for laser tag games, the alien cage rattler has been the last threat to Spook-A-Rama riders for nearly two decades. While showing his age a bit, he’s still shaking his cage as hard as ever, proudly wearing his Con Edison uniform, leading to the final hat-tip to tradition: hanging spider-web strings - the oldest (and still effective) trick in the book.
Within seconds you’re through the double doors, seeing daylight and hearing the friendly sounds and sights of the midway. In the past, some ride ops have startled you with a “boo” when you exited. After all you’ve been through in the reborn Spook-A-Rama, you’d probably be numb to any extra-curricular activities.

Spook-A-Rama is a ride you’ll want to ride every year because it will always be a work in progress. Like Fred Garms and Denos Vourderis before them, Dennis, Steve, Stacy and DJ Vourderis will likely continue to tweak and add to the ride every year. In addition to the aforementioned enhancements, DJ plans to replace the ride’s motion detectors with laser detectors which are not impacted by the environmental elements and other factors, sometimes affecting the proper triggering of stunts.

So will Spook-A-Rama ever be “completed?”

“We will never be finished, responds DJ.  Spook-A-Rama is a labor of love and we are always looking to make it exciting for generations to come.”