Female figure with protruding stake pushed from behind by pneumatic cylinder.
Background left: car on track spur leading to repair area. Right: old sign from Ward's Kiddie Park - now Deno's Wonder Wheel Park.

Falling barrel stunt from Rockaway Beach.

Shock Treatment! A new addition featuring a masked, chained victim thrashing wildly on a table.
Operated by compressed air and made by Distortions Unlimited of Denver, Colorado..

Dangerous curve....after being confronted by the first figure, the devil takes a whack at you. The devil stunt came from Rockaway's Playland, manufacturer unknown. An identical stunt resided in the former Laff In The Dark at Riverside Park in Agawam, Massachusetts (now Six Flags New England).
Left: vulture by Bill Tracy's Amusement Display Associates. A very popular prop, probably from Rockaway.
Right: back side of vulture showing motor crank mechanism providing head movement.
Another Bill Tracy figure, probably from Rockaway.
Huge skull display, originally at the former Dragon's Cave on the Bowery near West 15th.
Mummified figure at left made by Screamers. Pirate in foreground made by Animated Display Creators. The pirate spent many years out in the courtyard.

Man in Electric Chair, a shocking stunt made by Distortions Unlimited.

He will rock you...The Cage Rattler makes sure you don't leave on a calm note. This stunt was intended for use in laser tag games.

The Laff Staff on location at Spook-A-Rama
L-R: George LaCross, Bret Malone, Bill Luca


Today, whenever there's a mention of Coney Island in a newspaper or magazine article, it's usually depicted in the form of three images: The Cyclone coaster, the Wonder Wheel and the Parachute Jump. These venerable structures still hold court over the horizon of what was often called "The Nation's Playground". The lift chain of the Cyclone hoists another generation of thrill-seekers toward that legendary first drop. The now-inactive Parachute Jump stands in defiance against the Atlantic sky. And the Wonder Wheel still carries its occupants on that same
circular journey so many have taken over the last eight decades.

And yet this greatest of all ferris wheels also serves as a landmark for those of you who are reading this article, for beneath it lies one of Laff In The Dark's "Certified Classic" dark rides. Let the Wonder Wheel lead you to Spook-A-Rama, which like
its more famous neighbors, is still at work eliciting shreiks and laughter from
its riders as it has done for some 45 years. All who love those wonderful,
spooky old rides that we salute on this website should make the pilgrimage
to the hallowed ground of Coney Island and ride Spook-A-Rama.

It is the hope of all of us at Laff In The Dark that someday, not three, but rather four great icons will symbolize Coney Island, and that Spook-A-Rama will come to be re- cognized as the true Coney Island classic that it is. Long may it continue to represent the legacy of dark rides that once took their place among the coasters, carousels, ferris wheels and other funmakers at the place known to so many generations as
"The World's Greatest Amusement Park".


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my colleagues at Laff In The Dark: Bret Malone and George LaCross, both of whom contributed their valuable time and effort and considerable knowledge to support this project and who understood what it meant to experience Spook-A-Rama and Coney Island as a boy so many years ago. Thanks also to Joseph R. Ladore, James F. Ladore, Coney Island USA,
 And a very special Laff In The Dark Thank-You to:

Dennis Vourderis
(pictured at left)
Steve Vourderis
Deno's Wonder Wheel Park

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