While awaiting Sal's arrival, let's
take a look at Santa Cruz Beach
Boardwalk today. The 125-foot Double Shot
at left and the Neptune's Kingdom entertainment pavilion at right are only two examples of the park's skillful mix of the present and the past.
Two of the park's great classic rides:
Above, the 1911 Looff carousel. At right, the 1924 Giant Dipper coaster. Both rides have been designated National Historic Landmarks.
As you might expect, we believe that a dark ride or fun house is an essential part of any truly great amusement park. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has all the bases covered with examples of each. At right is the Haunted Castle dark ride. The park also is home to a Ghost Blasters interactive dark ride from Sally Corporation.
At left is Fright Walk, a walk-through funhouse featuring a labyrinth of dark corridors, a hall of mirrors and a host of spooky surprises.
Cave Train Adventure is a family ride originally built in 1961 and reborn in 2001, taking riders on a journey through a black-lit prehistoric world of dinosaurs and cave men.