A quick preface: By this time it had been determined that Sal was to be a working girl again. She was to be placed at the newly designed entrance of Neptune's Kingdom, our two story mini golf and arcade facility, doing what she was meant to do; laugh her heart out and attract guests. After consulting with Bill Luca at Laff in The Dark on Sal's technical specs, I approached the mechanical rebuild.

     First off, the motor had to be replaced. The old one was working, but I didn't want to take the chance. Second, I had our ride mechanics rebuild her transmission. It had a lot of slop in it and would cause her to "pop" as the cam followers went over the lobes. Third, I rebuilt her torso and arm connecting rods. The torso rod received new pins and bronze bearings and the arm connecting bar was replaced with 1/4" rod tipped with ball joint rod ends making for completely slop-free connections. I went over her elbow and wrist spring joints then put her back together again.
      At the same time Donaven Staab, our audio guy, took her soundtrack, digitized it, cleaned it up and stuck it on an industrial MP3 player. Sal had truly joined the modern age!
     For phase three, it was decided that Sal would have a new wardrobe and it's at this point where I believe the real magic began. Crecia Munson, our Maintenance Director's assistant, was charged with the mission of replacing all of Sal's clothes. And let me tell you, she did a perfect job! She took Sal's original garments, searched all over the Bay Area through numerous fabric stores and found exact material replacements. She then reconstructed all the pieces by hand.
     The end result is amazing. Sal looks as though she has just run off the assembly line! Every piece is a perfect match to the original.

Below, Sal feels right at home in the workshop, 'laffing it up' with some new friends from the Boardwalk's Haunted Castle.

     That concluded her restoration. We rebuilt the entrance to the building with Sal's case on one side (glass enclosed, I might add) and a California Seaside Amusement Park historical display on the other. She was revealed at a big media event where she threw out "the first laugh of summer." Worrying some but delighting most, she's doing her job superbly and giving the area a life it never had before.
      Personally speaking, I'm extremely proud to have been part of her restoration. I love seeing the faces of our guests light up as they pass by or stop to take a photo. This is especially true of the folks who remember her from Playland. Makes a guy feel good!