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Hey there "City Slickers"! Come along with me for a wild, wild ride through Mexico! Don’t be scared amigo; the Sheriff will be a gun totin’ with ya!


While this is a fine park with a nice wooden roller coaster among its many treasures, it did not have either a Dark Ride or Walkthrough until a few years ago. Sally Industries was contacted to build a new ride in the former restaurant located near kiddy land but in the parking lot. While I have been on a bunch of dark rides, this would be only my second by Sally. You enter the station by climbing a set of steps, as the park’s train ride rattles below the Que-lines. A nicely done animated Sheriff starts things out by telling you the story of bank robbers in old Mexico. Once seated in comfortable cars, you enter the main building and the first set of targets to shoot at. Each car is equipped with two guns so you can compete with your neighbor. Hitting targets on stunts raises more stunts and hitting "bags of gold" earns you more points. All is not animatronic as there are several flat 2-d characters that are set against 3-d props and sets. A nice touch though and a throw back to earlier rides. There are several animatronic figures too, all in a rich "Disney" style. The level of detail is wonderful in all the scenes. Chickens cackle, bandits growl at you, while a hay bale tries to take your head off! I liked this ride a lot, as per my expression when I first exited the ride. There is a nice climatic ending too, although I won’t spoil it for you. This ride is one that the whole family can ride together. The kids will love the "gun-shooting cowboy" aspect, while the adults will like the tongue-in-cheek humor. It is interesting to note that "Pistolero Roundup" also has a track and stunt layout to "The Den of Lost Thieves", located in Indiana Beach, Indiana. I liked this ride so much that I spent the better part of a whole afternoon chasing "varmints" through the wild, Wild West. "Viva Pistolero!!!" said I, and then I went back and purchased more tickets.

Like a’ told ya amigo, the Sheriff always gets his hombre!

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