A parade truck for Whalom Park, MA, adverising their fun-house and being ridden by Laffing Sal.
Or is it? A close examination of the head, hands and legs reveals that this is not an Old King Cole Sal, but another figure made to resemble Sal. But who made it, where and when?
A sign on the truck says: "C'mon folks, LAUGH. We'll sew the buttons back on free!"
Larger than life.
Photo taken during restoration of a Laffing Sal owned by the author shows the oversize dimensions of her head.

Above left: Laffing Sal from the PTC-built Surprise House at Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, OH. Formerly owned by the late Ed Chukayne, she is now exhibited at nostalgic events in the Cleveland area.
Above right: Laffing Sal and Friends featured at Memory Lane Arcade in Frankenmuth, MI.

Amusement and arcade machine restorer Pete Szikura (shown at left with laughing woman made by Messmore Damon) has worked on many animated figures, including:

Below left: Seated laughing woman made by Animated Display Creators.

Below right: Laffing Sal which operated at the former Crystal Beach Park, Ontario, Canada.

Laffing Sal at Hunt's Pier, Wildwood, NJ
(Photo: Philadelphia Toboggan Co.)