Later model Laffing Sal with different gear reduction unit with camshaft extending from both sides and motor mounted axially from front to back.
Above left: left side showing torso cam; right: right side showing arms cam. Both cams show excessive wear. Cam followers are now made from a single piece of 1/4 inch steel bar stock.
Of course, Laffing Sal's most memorable characteristic is her famous laugh. Former OKC owner John Jackson said that obtaining a suitable recording of a woman laughing was not as easy as it might seem. According to Jackson, the final jovial candidate of choice was actually a man! It was recalled that a male musician under the influence of Jack Daniel's whiskey was recorded in an Ohio radio station. That, at least, is how the legend goes.
Above: 78 and 45 rpm laugh track records for Laffing Sal and Laffing Sam
(William Luca collection)
In the thirties, recordings were made on 78 rpm records. Along with the Sal figure, PTC furnished a repeating phonograph which would play the record continuously with a loudspeaker positioned in the figure's base. Twenty double-sided records were supplied. In later years, the records were phased out in favor of continuous-loop tape cartridges often furnished by the Baptist Sound and Manufacturing Company of Jacksonville, IL.

Above left: Early advertising photo shows Laffing Sal wearing high-button shoes.

Above right: These were soon changed to the more familiar white-stockinged legs and 'Mary-Jane' patent-leather shoes. These are the legs most commonly associated with Laffing Sal.

Right: A Laffing Sal owned by the author with the high-button shoes.
This is the only such example known to the author and may be the oldest Sal in existence.


Booth at trade show featuring funhouse models and Sal and Sam figures. Two phonographs can be seen under the table.                                (Philadelphia Toboggan Co.)

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