And the finished car is unveiled, with Sean McCarthy and George LaCross seated and ready for the first ride!
A Lasting Legacy
When one thinks back to how many people Sean’s car carried through Tracy’s dioramas in the Castle of Terror/House of Horrors, one has to marvel at what Sean has preserved. Sadly, there are very few surviving remnants of this classic dark ride. If you’re wondering what happened to the Bill Tracy stunts, take a deep breath. In the early 1980s, most of them were removed and saved by a former park employee, who stored them in his garage for years before deciding to dispose of them. Ouch! Two remained operational in the ride through the park’s final years: the Old Mill display for which the damsel in distress was replaced by the female victim of the Torture Chamber. And a Tracy static hanging man was retained; not to be confused with his animated Hanging Man stunt which also appeared in the ride but was removed in the 1980s. By numerous accounts of former park employees, the majority of the Tracy stunts were replaced by those purchased at a 1980’s IAAPA Convention, and many of Tracy’s display platforms were reconfigured and repainted to accommodate them. For instance, the Torture Chamber platform was shortened to house mummy and werewolf mannequins. And guess what? Sean acquired the werewolf’s arm!
The Castle Carries On
Regardless of what year it was added to his beloved dark ride, Sean is seeking any remains he can find. He even owns a brick from the ride. And what he can’t find, he has been recreating from a partial façade in his back yard to the dragon stunt which was installed in 1970. Sean and his dad, put two dolly wheels on the front of the car to make it easier to move. And Sean displays much of his work and memorabilia at events at Rocky Point State Park, such as Movies In the Park.
Sean revealed his refurbished car with some of his other Rocky Point memorabilia  in late June at Rocky Point State Park prior to Movies In The Park. His booth was situated underneath Rocky Point's circa 1908 Circle Swing tower.  Sean also reproduced the ride's dragon stunt which was added to the House of Horrors in 1970 (the original seen below in 1996 behind protective chicken wire). 
Sean still dreams of adding to his memorabilia collection. And he has one ultimate dream:
“I would love to see rides and food places put down at Rocky Point to enhance the state park,”
he says. “Of course, somebody should rebuild the House of Horrors down there because it was such an iconic ride at Rocky Point.”
The author would like to thank:
The McCarthy Family
Tales of Rocky Point Park
You Must Be this Tall
Anita Cerri Ferla
Liam Gray
Jason Mayoh
Jake Tasho
John Malone
John Black
Heather Medeiros
Michael L. Stultz

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