Finding the Buried Treasure
You should first know that Sean and I are the admins of the 4,000-plus member Facebook group, Rocky Point Park Remembered! Early one morning I was texted by one of our members, Paul Sitko, that a car was being offered for sale on Craig’s List. I immediately texted Sean who was in class at the time. Fortunately, Sean’s high school teacher excused him so he could make a call to the seller. And after some negotiation, the deal was sealed. The car for sale carried the likeness of the Creature of the Black Lagoon. Last time it was seen by the general public was at the April 1996 park auction where it was photographed by our friend John Malone, lying on its side under the two ramps, apparently decommissioned. So clearly, Sean had his work cut out for him some 21 years later when he carefully unloaded it in his driveway. With the help of his dad, David, he soon began bringing the Creature car back to life.

The car was in very poor condition when purchased. Sean disassembled the car removing the frame and motor to begin the restoration process. Here, in Sean’s own words, was the step by step process in restoring it:
“All the House of Horrors cars had many different paint jobs on them and they all were very thick coats of paint. My car had four very thick coats of paint. I had to start off with a very rough grit sand paper I used 36 grit which got through the coats in a good amount of time. Then I used 80 grit to get the rest off. I could not use 36 grit on the whole thing because it would have ruined it. Along the way I discovered a partial illustration of a dragon and that of a skull which I believe were part of two previous paint jobs before it was done over with the Creature From The Black Lagoon. Finally, I used 120 grit which smoothed it out and made it ready for paint. This process took three months and the reason it took this long was because I had to get it down to the gel coat of the fiberglass. The reason for that is because the paint will last a lifetime. If I just painted over the paint that was already on there it would not last a year.
I saved the original art work on the front by using two-part epoxy gel that was poured over it to stop it from cracking and fading. After that was done I had to re-fiberglass all the parts that were cracked and needed repair. The car was then primed and painted inside and out that took three weeks. Finally, I put it back together and the results were absolutely amazing. Overall, it took five months to restore it. I took my time to make sure everything was done right because this is my ultimate favorite ride car.”
Below: Removal of paint layers revealed previous illustrations of a dragon and skull. The Creature illustration was saved.
The silhouette  illustrations of the Creature on the rear sides and back of the car were beyond saving, so Sean traced them to create stencils to recreate the artwork. 
Below: More Before & After views of restored frame and car interior.

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