Pretzel's enormously popular Thunderbird Jr. kiddie turnpike ride showcased miniature electrically powered T-Birds with fiberglass bodies authentically scaled from Detroit blueprints. Available in colors such as Star Mist Blue and Flame Red, they came with foam cushioned seats.

Above left: Thunderbird ride demonstration at a trade show held in Connecticut.

Above right: Dune buggy car with Cassidy grandchildren at the wheels.
The ride was furnished with 400 or more feet of sectioned roadway and five cars. The cars were center-guided through a slot to a recessed track, powered by a ¼ hp motor, and boasted electric sealed beam headlights, tail lights and horn, all of which kids found very appealing.
The car bodies were updated yearly, with the Mustang Jr. and dune buggies following the Thunderbirds.
Mr. Cassidy commented: "I bought these fiberglass bodies from a guy by the name of George Ford up in Mystic, CT. Then of course we did all the mechanical stuff; built the undercarriage. I don’t know if he was related to the Fords or not."

Another very successful entry in the kiddie ride arena for Pretzel was the Toonerville Trolley. Patterned on Fontaine Fox's popular comic strip that ran from 1908 to 1955, the Trolley was closely related to a standard Pretzel dark ride car, using the same undercarriage, track and electrical pickup. Normally supplied with 200 feet of track and one or more trolleys, the coach held 12 children and was brightly painted in weatherproof enamels. The first installation was at Casino Arcade kiddieland in Wildwood, NJ.