Thanks...for the memories...

So many Pretzels, so little space.

Over a thousand were built...we'll show just a few.

Some we know, some we don't.
Do you recognize one from your childhood?

Tracy-styled Pretzel double-deck "Haunted House",
Camden Park, WV.

   Pretzel "Laff In The Dark" with spinning cars
Suburban Park, Manilus, NY
"Pirates Cave", location unknown.
"Gold Nugget" under construction, reported
to have been at Hershey Park.
Very distinctive facade leaves no doubt
as to the identity of this ride at Philadelphia's
Woodside Park.

Similar front - Buckeye Lake Park, Ohio
"Paris After Dark" double-decker,
Fair Park, Nashville, TN.

"Around The World In 80 Turns",
Pacific Ocean Park, 1958.
Portable double-decker ride
"Pirates Den" - Whalom Park,
Lunenburg, MA
Casper's Ghostland at Palisades Amusement Park,
New Jersey. Re-themed from Arabian Nights Tunnel of Love. Facade by Tracy.
Pretzel's Laff In The Dark at the 1950 Canadian National Exposition.

Where it all began...

Above: 1935 Pretzel ride at Crescent Park, Riverside, Rhode Island.
This was Laff In The Dark Editor
George LaCross's first dark ride.

Right: Pretzel Treasure Island ride,
Revere Beach, Revere, Massachusetts,
the author's first dark ride.
And finally, two great veteran Pretzel rides
still going strong today.
Above: Spook-A-Rama at Deno's Wonder Wheel Park, Coney Island, New York.
Right: Owner Patrick Goodenow greets a passenger at the exit of Laffland at Sylvan Beach Park, New York.