After three years of planning, 'Caveland' was set up on May 7, 1964 in South Orange, NJ. When fully assembled, the ride enclosure was 30 feet deep.
Setting up the Caveman ride for John Vivona's Amusements of America Shows.
Above left: Bill Cassidy stands at center front before giant caveman figure and track dips.
Above right, Cassidy supervises assembly of platform framing while ride owner Alvin Lefleur and artist Shirley Simmons look on.

The ride's debut didn't go as smoothly as hoped, Mr. Cassidy explained:
"This was the first portable double-decker. It was quite the thing to put together. We had all the pieces marked and everything. We'd get out there and put it up on jacks. I sent it out with two guys. They got out around East Orange or South Orange and then took off and left it. We had to go down there and set it up."

Right: The "Mad Giant", portable two-story dark ride. It came equipped with fiberglass dimensional front, seven cars, ticket box. Mounted on a 40' X 8' DeHart Tandem Trailer. Opened to a 70' X 30' space. 5 hour setup, weight 17 tons. Ride capacity: 600-700 per hour.

Left: Artist's rendering of the facade design for Pretzel Haunted House double-decker dark ride for Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, NJ.
Below: Actual ride at Seaside Heights. Front, by Bill Tracy, is very true to concept drawing.