The glorious Pretzel delivery van stands with its message "Manufactured in Bridgeton, NJ" proudly emblazoned on its side. Famed show painter Slick Reynolds, who decorated the truck, stands beside it along with Pretzel owner Bill Cassidy.







When the rotating cars came on the scene, it wasn't practical to use stunts that were activated on the car's approach. The stunt might be out of view if the car's spinning caused riders to be facing the wrong way. Pretzel's "Illusions" made for use with this ride were figures that were constantly lit and in continual motion so that they were always "on" and more likely to be seen. Built into black plywood boxes, this package of stunts included a skull, a bull or cow character, "Spirit Hands" (a ghostly face moving forward and back with two hands gyrating below), a gorilla peering through a bamboo curtain, a rotating hypnotic spiral disk, "Annie the Witch" and a grinning animated dancing skeleton who went by the name of "Shimmyin' Skeleton".
This set of stunts could be found in many parks during the fifties.