A mother and son and two somewhat flustered girls roll out of the Laff In The Dark exit.
A sign at upper right invites park-goers to "Come In And Laugh Yourself To Death".
The Pretzel Amusement Company's patent for the invention of the dark ride was granted in 1928. Filing four years later without departing from Pretzel's single-rail guide and power concept, Traver's modus for obtaining a patent seems to have been couched in the specifics of several auxiliary mechanisms for the performance of a variety of functions. While the Pretzel patent dealt almost exclusively with the methods of power and motility of the ride vehicle, Traver additionally claimed extensive innovations in stunt, lighting and sound activation. He made further claims for components within the car that imparted physical sensations to the riders, perhaps to deflect from the fact that his cars functioned essentially in the same manner upon which Pretzel's patent had been established.
The side view at right of Traver's car illustrates the split seating compartment which had the ability to rock backward. While promotional materials emphasized the feature as being highly effective, desirable and exclusive to the Traver brand, the complexity and vulnerability of this and other mechanical contrivances led to malfunction and eventual discontinuation.
Above: Patent drawing of the rear undercarriage of Traver Laff In The Dark car illustrating device functions and locations.

A - Double-jointed push lever for tipping the seat into the backward position.
B - "Hot" rail contact shoe.
C - Track wheel assembly
D - Lever for returning seat to forward position.
E - Noisemaker pawl engaging ratchet rail.
Mechanisms were activated when they encountered stationary abutments or "trip blocks" positioned on the floor. Additional rails were placed as barriers to protect those who might step on the tracks from the danger of spanning an electrical circuit. It is doubtful that this magnitude of paraphernalia was ultimately installed in many, if any, ride layouts.

Far right - Partial linkage assembly for seat rocking mechanism.