Above: Aerial view of Playland circa 1935 showing locations
of major funhouses and dark attractions.

Left: Side view of the elaborately constructed
Magic Carpet funhouse, across the mall from the Dragon Coaster.

Below: Lost in 1001 Troubles, a mirror maze opposite
Magic Carpet and next to Laff In The Dark.

The Magic Carpet is believed to have been built by Philadelphia Toboggan Co. and shares architectural elements with the Magic Carpet/Magic Palace at the former Crystal Beach in Canada.

A circus had performed in a large arena building for several years until its popularity diminished. In 1937, the space was converted to a funhouse.

The massive installation was created by famed amusement engineer Harry C. Baker. Baker was a renowned coaster builder, having constructed the famed Coney Island Cyclone in 1927.

The Rye Funhouse was fancifully decorated and contained the full complement of obstacles and devices including rotating barrel, spinning disk and distorted mirrors. Central to these was a huge two-story undulating slide.