The fire-breathing dragon stunt was standard issue in several Traver rides. The figure consists of a papier-mache dragon's head with a hinged jaw. The head is affixed to a painted panel depicting the body, with an incandescent light fixture suspended on an extension arm positioned above. The action of the dragon upon the arrival of the car was to actually spew "fire".

According to the patent description: "The eyes of the dragon consist of electric light bulbs and means are provided to generate and emit sparks from the mouth of the dragon, said means comprising an electric motor within the head of the object and having a carborundum wheel upon the shaft thereof and a yielding metallic plate engaging with said wheel to generate sparks, the wheel rotating in a direction to direct the sparks outward from the mouth." According to Traver's plan, the dragon's head essentially contained a steel bar bearing upon a motorized grinding wheel, sending sparks flying out directly at the riders and the wooden walls and floor. One assumes that fire regulations were probably different in those days than they are now.