Two stunts are arranged in this corner: the "Al Jolson effect" as it is termed in the stunt list, and a large fan directed at riders. Two floor devices can also be observed in this photo.

The green arrows indicate "undulated obstructions" or "bump ramps" to impart rising and falling motion to the car.

The red arrows point to an interesting electrical utility not referenced in the patent description. This "third rail" is employed at stunt locations thoughout the ride. It does not run the full length of the ride track but, in this example, ends halfway around the curve in the vicinity of the stunt. At its beginning, the rail slopes up from floor level to an elevation that brings it into contact with a conductor located in the bottom of the car which functions as a bridge that transfers current from the main power rail to this third rail. Wiring from this rail is routed underneath the floor and back up to the stunt area, completing a circuit that powers the lights, motors or other electrical appliances involved in the operation of the stunt, occuring without the use of floor switches and instead "borrowing" electric current from the ride track to provide power to the stunt effects. With the application of short pieces of insulation to this rail, power could be delivered intermittently for a special lighting or motion effect.
Riders approach a row of tombstones in a graveyard. Upon arrival, they are greeted by a ghostly inhabitant. The "Hoot Owl" stunt is positioned at the left side.