Off to a flying start for 2004, Flying Witch,
one of two outstanding dark rides at Rye, NY's Playland Park, gets kicked up a couple
of notches by Nick Trahanas and crew who spent the whole off-season adding new stunts,
dioramas, lighting and sound. With a total of 22 scenes, there's no time to relax between screams.
Those who have fond memories of the original Zombie Castle will be happy to see some old friends.
And some new sound effects and "creature commentary" further enhance the ride's off-beat humor.
This year's cast of characters includes spruced up original Pinfari stunts, some former residents of the old Zombie Castle and some newbies. Many of these creations once resided in Clementon Park's long-gone and fondly remembered Polarama dark ride. Flying Witch's original Pinfari stunts have been restored to their original detail by Nick and his crew and most of these stunts were outfitted with new costumes. At left, fan favorite 'Sexi Death' sports new lingerie and prepares for her famous "wardrobe malfunction".
Some new guests liven up the graveyard scene and, since misery loves company, there are some new victims in the torture room. And there's more, much more - stunts that pop up when you least expect it.
Although there are many scenes, scares, laughs and shocks that are new this year, we're not going to reveal all. Ride it and find out for yourself!
However, we'll leave you with this parting advice: Keep your eyes and ears open.
Look up, look down and... look around - if you know what's good for you!