Yes, the old inhabitants like the Giant Rat moved out during the fall of 2001.

If you want to read more about them go to
The Last Laff
But please, be polite and stay for the feast before you go wandering off.

  Now, follow me as I guide you through the world's most gruesome single rail dark ride. Well, come on!
I don't bite.
I just nibble. Ha, ha, ha! Your royal chariot awaits you!

Just a short run through the castle cemetery before we enter the main gates. Oh dear, looks like some uninvited guests got word of the banquet. They're just dying for a bite to eat. Get away you bottom dwellers! This dinner is for royalty only!  

Ah, the twins have arrived, fashionably late as usual. Ladies, please! It's not polite to sample the main course before dinner is served.

Of course, as Court Jester, it's my job to liven up the dinner party.

Oh, there's King Zombie with his queen in his chambers. As you can see, he likes a Bloody Mary before dinner. He's one lucky stiff!

Look, here's the head chef putting the final touches on the appetizers.

And his assistant is stirring up the soup. He really gets into his work.


Oh no! A slab of meat has gone bad! How sickening! Throw it to the hounds!

Of course, sometimes we have to go outside the castle for delicacies. And we rely on our knight to bring home the bacon.
Time to wake the children from their naps. When it's dinnertime, they always rise to the occasion

Now children..please don't fight over your food. There's plenty to go around. Oh, quit squabbling.

Hey, did you know I'm a member of the Dead Poet's Society?
But seriously, listen to
my de-composition!

Now you're in for a real treat. Wait, you are the treat! Oh, just ignore my gallows humor and let's see what the boys are whipping up in the kitchen.


Check out the yummy head cheese.



We always poke the fruit to see if it's ripe

Here's where we brew our coffee. It can be a draining experience. But hey, it's good to the last drop.
And last, but not least, our oven.




As you can see, we zombies like our food well-done!




But wait, you can't leave now.





Don't make me do this!







.you're the main course!

Oh, aren't you the fortunate one! Looks like I fried the four riders in front of you. And they were so juicy that the zombies had their fill.

Well, so long for now. Be sure to come back for seconds real soon!