Back out into another dark alley, you felt your way along till you once again came outside to a balcony with air jets. At this area there was a bench you could rest on called the Mystery Bench. However if the man in the booth saw you, you would get shocked!!

Going back in, you next felt your way along and came upon a stunt that would light up. It was a papier mache gorilla, hands up in the air holding a rope covered in plastic vines.  It made a groaning noise as it leaned toward you.


Next was a large “Black Lighted” fluorescent painted papier mache head with a cigar. It had so many coats of paint they were peeling off and it is thought that this stunt and the last one could have been brought over from the old funhouse.


Next stunt was a life size skeleton-looking person with glowing red eyes painted fluorescent green and lit with a black light.

From there you would come outside on a turret and down some steps into the upper middle of the building where it was pretty well open and had funhouse mirrors that made you look, fat, skinny, tall and divided.

Then you entered the right upper side of the building where you met up with a giant spider stunt on a web in fluorescent colors lit up by black lights

Back through the hallways was a very old stunt made of rubber that was a keystone cop’s head. The last stunt was a cheap ghost that was probably a last ditch effort by the owners to keep the attraction exciting.

While in the right of the building as you moved toward the end, you could hear and feel a loud vibration. This was the noise that the carpet at the end of the ride made, and you knew you were getting close to the end.

You now came out onto another balcony where air jets were blasting. I could look down and see them and would cover them with my sandals as I walked through. I thought I was pretty smart, not to get blasted with air!

From there you had a choice to go down a wooden slide or walk down some stairs. You then came outside and walked back toward the middle, going up a few stairs and got in line for a ride on the Magic Carpet.

You would enter a room where there was an operator who would seat you on a bench, made out of stainless steel rollers. He would then pull a lever which would flatten out the rollers on an angle and you would roll down and drop on the Magic Carpet that was about 10 feet across and about 20 feet long. This was angled down and you would bump along the moving carpet that had wooden rollers underneath, to support it, till you came to the end, where another attendant would help you get off. There was about a 2 foot drop here where your legs would hang over, to help get off. At one time there were open doors at the end where you could watch the people cascade down the carpet.