Opened in 1947, the new Magic Carpet was truly unique. It had towering roof pieces reminiscent of an Arabian Palace and was a multitude of bright attracting colors of yellow, orange, red, blue and cream. It had a viewing area in front with a large fountain in the middle where many coins were thrown in for good luck! Arched over the front of the building where 2 foot high neon lighted letters, Arabian style that spelled out “Magic Carpet”.

The outside of the building was made with fireproof asbestos siding. Viewing from the front you could watch the patrons go in at the left, then again as they would end up on small outside balconies. These outside balconies had hidden air jets in the floor that were operated by an attendant who sat in a small outside roof covered control booth in the back middle and had a full view of both sides of the building and the balconies.