The Haunted House is not just a building with black-painted walls and tracks and tricks planted on the floor. It's alive with weird and fanciful creatures against a background of bizarre and comical ornamentation,
an environment created by one very talented artist - Wayne Seddon.
It would take a half-dozen rides to notice all of it and while we didn't have room for photos of every detail, below we show a little more of
this fantastical interior landscape created by Wayne. The Dark Ride is
a perfect blend of fright and whimsy that can be enjoyed by people of
all ages who come to Gillian's Haunted House to "Laff" in the dark.

Kudos to Wayne, Jay Gillian and the staff of Gillian’s Wonderland Pier for accepting the challenge of installing a traditional dark ride and succeeding with the highest marks. While we've illustrated the Haunted House Dark Ride for you in photos, video and text, nothing beats the real thing! So make plans to experience the Haunted House Dark Ride for yourself. You’ll also enjoy the atmosphere of the park with its indoor pavilion of kiddie rides, a circa 1926 PTC carousel and the outdoor rides which include the Canyon Falls Log Flume with its unique cruise through the base of an artificial cavern, and the twisting, turning Runaway Train Coaster.

Laff In The Dark is sincerely grateful for the
generous cooperation and kind assistance of:
Wayne Seddon
Jay Gillian
Eric Princz
Ralph Grassi

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