Ah, a graveyard: a peaceful setting for reflection. Not so, I’m afraid. That Reaper has eyes for us. And look to the left: it’s a corpse rising from a grave, the stone marked Wayne Seddon. It’s tough to keep a good man down!

Tell me, haven’t you seen those two nodding vultures before? One of them is perched on Bill Tracy’s gravestone. Could it be? Well, just a thought anyway.
Both the vultures atop the gravestones in the cemetery scene were created by Bill Tracy to haunt the former Ghost Creek Caverns. The one atop Bill Tracy’s tombstone was on another tomb in Ghost Creek and the bird to the right used to sit on a rock pile.

And all these corpses rising from the earth…that pounding from that boarded upright casket is enough to wake the dead! Don’t take your eyes off it; something is going to pop out of it. Ohhh! Are you kidding me? That decaying corpse just used its last breath to lunge at us.
Hey look, the circus is coming to town! Looks like this spooky story will have a happy ending! Wait a minute, I’ve never seen a horse like that. And why is that clown about to spike us with a pick ax? Whew, we passed that weird wagon and it looks like we’re in the clear.

Whoa! That clown just dropped headfirst through a ceiling panel and he’s thrashing at us. Startled again! He’s about as out of place as a clown at a funeral, but that’s not such a stretch here!


The two clowns in the circus wagon were once props along the park’s Canyon Falls Log Flume. The wagon driver was a “fishing boy” and the fish that the boy “caught” was customized by Wayne to look sinister and is now mounted inside the ride as a wall trophy. The clown standing up with his pick axe was once a friendly miner, both created, then customized, by Wayne. On his inspiration for the circus wagon scene:“I just know people either love clowns or hate clowns. They kind of freak me out…I’m not crazy over clowns.”


Whew, daylight! It’s over! But there’s that creepy baby again! Let’s head for the beach!

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